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expressing a story as a map of guys

ok so in morrowind the mages guild is a sort of map of guys.
theres the guy you talk to when you're small, the guy you talk to when youre middley, and the guy you talk to when youre big. something like this. these correspond to -sort of, three phases of a story.

so is it okay to have it be specified like that- these three specific dudes in this order - well, it's in games so it is okay, but is it better to do it some other way?

morrowind isnt really linear like this, i have lied to you, you can choose your quest givers, even in the mages guild. if you dont like drathsa in balmora you can go talk to perniculus or whatever, the guy in aldrun.

in the mages guild, theres - when youre a small guy in the mages guild you talk to - i think her name is drathsa in balmora, and because you're small, too small to bother with, she sends you down to the basement where the khajiti alchemist, her name is ajira - she greets you warmly, she is your friend. and she sends you out to collect ingredients - this is tedious work and if you play a lot of morrowind you might pick up all the mushrooms and flower petals on the way over there.

the thing is youre gonna want to be in the mages guild no matter which guy you play. you might not even be a mage. but if you want to use the guild guides, to get between the imperial hubs, and you are gonna want this - you need to be in the mages guild. and if youre gonna be in the mages guild either way, you might as well pick the mushrooms and the flowers on the way to balmora, and even though you havent gotten the quest yet - listen, we're all players of games, here. sometimes you do the thing because its quicker even though it doesnt make sense. you race the guy, you cut the corner. it's okay.

im not really sure what a good quest is, to be honest. but ajira is a friend. the person you talk to, that's the face of the guild for you. and more than this - a unique voice. not literally - like all female khajiit have the same voice - khajiit are rare but they take up odd roles within the imperial establishment. ajira is one of the first characters you meet who's happy to see you. now she has you, she can finally get one over on her rival, galbedir, who we hate.

and like - galbedir's kind of rude to you, and she has some nice stuff, like rich guy stuff, filled soul gems, rare ceramics - and and you can steal it. and so you make a bit of money. and ajira keeps your secret for you even though - even though you're not allowed to steal from fellow mages. so, you can see that she is a true friend.

now, none of this is mage stuff, you dont have to cast any spells during this bit. and each time you do a thing for ajira she hooks you up with some good potions - and she buys moon sugar. so you trust her with your secrets and she trusts you with hers. a true friend.

so like, the mages guild is more than just a place for mages to gather, its a complicated political structure with intrigues and shit. none of this is even really about the magic. so what's that? it's a map of guys.

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