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k so theres this datatype i want to build which is a 4d sprite, but which should be represented logically as a map of 32 bit integers to 32 bit integers.

oh wait i should mention what this is for i guess. for sprites, levels, palettes and particle effects. and whatever else i can think of that it works for. im thinking about sorta 4d voxel applications. this sounds kinda dumb and unnecessary but listen: its not. if you have trouble imagining 4d spaces it might be easiest to think of it as like an array of cubes. why do you want that? voxel animation.

keys to values - thats really easy to do in python, its just a dictionary.

so yeah: a map of 32 bit integers to 32 bit integers. the key is a place in the sprite, the value is whats represented there. you could have one data point for each cell in the hypercube but thats gonna be a pretty big data - hard to parse. its probably an empty dictionary with just some points represented. the limitation is you can only have one value at each point, but of course you can have an array of hypersprites if you want to have multiple things exist at the same point. i think in general i explicitly dont want that- i want to do per point collision detection.

im pretty sure thats just a dictionary in python. im pretty sure you can make games in python using pygame or pyglet or pyopengl, cocos2d, something like this. there will be a python graphics library that i like, that can be used, that doesnt suck. they tried to teach us graphics at the uni using the turtle library which is dumb, a waste of time. fucking logo. im paying for this.

the values up to 24 bits are colors, using the web color space. the last 8 bits of the value will correspond to lambda functions or whatever, theyre configurable. something something metadata. i want to use those on game levels the same way rpg maker uses events i guess.


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