morbert a epsilon (ramirus) wrote,
morbert a epsilon

the fiction that we're building towards something

there's this thing in a couple of podcasts - kind of obviously with harmontown, but also with the supertrain thing in roderick on the line - and i think a lot of podcasts have a version of this, it's the fiction that we're building towards something. like we, the hosts of this show, and you, the audience, are part of a community, and we're trying to figure out how to all live together in a colony on the moon, or we're splinter cells all over the world, outside of society but still appearing as part of it, and we're building towards something, and this is what it'll be like when we're in control.

and this is kind of a beautiful fantasy, that we're a community and everyone else is muggles, but you, by virtue of hearing this, you're part of us, and we can solve things and everything will work the way we want.

and there's a kind of idealism in there that i'd like to bottle up and use.

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