morbert a epsilon (ramirus) wrote,
morbert a epsilon

sendaway device

in my travels in some fantasy world I recieved a device that, if you used the R2 button to select somebody, swivelled away and hilighted some location, they would have to go there. You could use this to avoid any combat by sending all your enemies away.

I was raiding the princess's castle, aparently trying to find her secrets. The princess was a charater I knew from a previous chapter - not a love interest but another adventurer. I guess she could have been a love interest if you played it that way. The captain of the guard was hostile, but I sent him off into the sea before he could finish his speech. The princess was upset with me so I sent her outside as well. Upstairs, two other thieves were leaving - they had gleaned the correct password, but they sought some other treasure. On of them was too heavy to control with the device, and he tried to take it from me, but I insisted that there was no device and he was sufficiently bluffed.

In the princess's chamber, I had to figure out the password. One of the thieves decided they had better give me a clue, so started to recite the poem - it was her favorite, of course.

The princess returned and I sent her away again, without a word. She opened the book of poems to the right page before she left. She was livid.

The poem was about the hero Vero and some other character, Anapthas. the last line of the poem was just ANAPTHAS in all caps.

TO open the vault room you had to stand on her princess bed (first pulling aside the transparent silk curtain) and then spell out the password, then pull aside the curtain against the wall, and the vault would be there. I guess the developers wanted to make it very clear that you were invading her space. I didn't dare look for the vault without first reciting the password, because something bad would happen.

- i lifted the curtain, and there was a swirling black vortex there.
-why didn't it open?
and then i got sucked into the blackness.

In the next chapter, I would be the villain instead of the hero. I awoke in a cage in the ground floor room. Somebody told me I was a marked man, now. There would not be a second chance to be the hero. I bore the mark of Anapthas.

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